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Parenting 16-21

An Islamic framework for parenting  in the 16 – 21 years


امام صادق عليه السلام:عَلَيكَ بِالأَحداثِ فَإِنَّهُم أسرَعُ إلى كُلِّ خَيرٍ 

Pay attention to the youth because they go toward good deeds faster. Kāfī, V.8, Pg. 93, Hadith #66 


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Upcoming Research Project

Kisa Family is conducting research in collaboration with scholars to answer frequently asked questions in our community. These questions come from you! So, send in any questions on which you need clarity!

  • How to choose a major
  • Should I move out for university?
  • How to choose a career path
  • How do I deal with nonmahram in school, university and the workplace
  • Marriage vs Dating: Why is dating haram