Resources for singles and their families on how to search for and choose your match

زَوِّجُوا أياماكُم، فَإنَّ اللّه‏َ يُحسِنُ لَهُم في أخلاقِهِم ، ويُوَسِّعُ لَهُم في أرزاقِهِم ، ويَزِيدُهُم في مُرُوّاتِهِم

Facilitate marriages for those among you who are single, from the upright male and female slaves. If they are poor, Allah will enrich them out of His bounty, and Allah is bounteous and all-Knowing. – Prophet Muhammad (s)




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Kisa Family is conducting research in collaboration with scholars to answer frequently asked questions in our community. These questions come from you! So, send in any questions on which you need clarity!


  • What role does isthekhara play in deciding who to marry?
  • What does a couple need to know about marriage before getting married?
  • What is the purpose of marriage?
  • How do you have a conversation with your parents on their expectations for their new daughter or son in law?
  • What should a child in law reasonably expect from their in-laws and how they will regard them?
  • How do engaged couples or newlyweds discuss life goals?
  • How do you create a mentality that the marriage needs to work?
  • Communicating family relations and roles in family.
  • What are challenges you may face in the first year of marriage?
  • How does a person understand their identity in the Islamic sense, rather than the secular sense?
  • What does a person need to know about themselves when getting into marriage?
  • Advantages of getting married early?
  • Research: What do couples who marry early succeed in vs older couples? Look at growing financially together, the value of earning money and saving, developing common values and goals. When is the right time to get married- what should you know about yourself and accomplish before looking for a spouse?
  • What aspects should be discussed prior to marriage? Should the way children should be raised, lifestyle choices, personal development, and long term future goals discussed?
  • Prior to marriage does the couple have a chance to share thoughts on decision making thought processes/expectations from one another?
  • Prior to marriage are family expectations clearly discussed?
  • How do you throw yourself into your decision and commit to your marriage when you start to have second thoughts?
  • What affect does mainstream perception of marriage have on our own perceptions of marriage? How does the entertainment industry shape your views on marriage, to the unrealistic?
  • What does it take for a marriage to be successful?
  • What does a healhy marriage look like?
  • What is the importance of looking good and looking presentable for your spouse?
  • What does a wife need from a husband?
  • What does a husband need from a wife?