Kisa Family

Daughters of Zahra (a)

Girls Club


A Deeper Sisterhood

Under the guidance of Sr. Sabika Mithani, our mission is to develop sisterhood and to create God consciousness. 

Kisa Family


  • We may take and post pictures and if you do not want your child’s picture to be shared, please let us know.

  • Please observe hijab and an islamic attire.

  • Please be respectful of the speaker and the volunteers who have worked hard to put this program together.

  • Please eat or use restroom facilities before class.

  • Your camera should be turned on at all times.

  • Please have your mic muted when you’re not speaking.

  • Please have your name and location on the call.

  • Please log in a few minutes before the start time to avoid any unnecessary delay.

  • Please ensure all devices are charged, and that your child is sitting in an area where they have a good internet connection. 

  • Mothers/ older sisters of the children should be around to assist if needed.

  • There should be no men around to see or hear the speaker and the volunteers.

  • Please do not disrupt the sessions- no yelling will be allowed during the session.

  • Regular attendance is highly recommended

  • If you miss  more than 3 sessions within 3 months, we will allot the spot to  another child on the waiting list.

  • If your child cannot attend a session, please let us know at


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