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Striving to provide holistic knowledge, guidance, and support on how to actualize every family’s innate potential to succeed

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Daughters of Zahra (‘a) | Girls Club

Kisa Family is proud to present the Daughters of Zahra (‘a) girls club! Under the guidance of Sr. Sabika Mithani, our mission is to develop sisterhood rooted in taqwā and God-consciousness. This is a bi-weekly club for girls 9-12 years old. There will be two groups, differentiated by age. Group one is 9-10 year olds who will meet on week 1 & 3. Group two is 11-12 year olds who will meet on week 2 & 4. The meetings will feature exciting topics that are relevant to the girls’ ages and interests. Meetings will take place on Zoom every Wednesday from 5-6 PM PST. We look forward to your support in making these efforts exciting and worthwhile for our young sisters.